Consultation reading group for therapists working with transgender/non-binary     teens and families


this group is geared towards...

Clinicians, both new and experienced, who are newer to working with transgender and non-binary adolescents.  Clinical consultation of cases as well as educational reading and discussion around this topic will center the group. 25% of the profits of this group will go toward supporting SAYFTEE programming as well as other like minded organizations.  The group meets once a month in Jamaica Plain.  In order to ensure adequate time per member, there is a 4 person limit per group. Contact Melissa for more information. 


Are you interested in collaborating with SAYFTEE?

Are you a licensed therapist and have an idea for a group but need support with marketing or in getting groups members ?  SAYFTEE is always interested in collaborating with other therapists and starting new groups or workshops.  Please Contact Melissa to set up a time to talk more about potential collaboration.  


Individual Clinical Consultation

Melissa offers individual clinical consultation for therapists who are working with LGBTQ youth and their families.  Whether you are looking for case consultation or on-going support, Melissa provides a safe and supportive environment for learning, growth and teasing apart the complexities of doing family work with LGBTQ youth.  Melissa offers both in-person and video consultation sessions.  Please Contact Melissa to learn more.